July 25, 2005

Green, Blue and Copper...

I think we really needed to get out, because as soon as I came back home from my mum's cottage, Dave and I left to spend the week-end with the in-laws on the shore of the beautiful Lac Huard (Loon Lake).

The temperature had dropped all over, enough in Montreal, so this time, there was no skinny-dipping. Instead, on saturday, we went for a quick rowboat tour on the lake, and some quiet time with my in-laws, talking, joking, and having a beautiful BBQ dinner. Dave's mum likes to buy food at the beautiful MTL outdoor market, and it's always excellent. When we were done with dinner, I got out my Pictionnary game, and surprisingly, everybody was eager to play. We did two game sessions, one during which we drew, and one during which we mimed. The miming was hilarious ! At one point Dave's dad had to my the 3 bears, and looked like a gorilla ! My impersonnation of "crocodile tears" was very funny too. We laughed so hard my tummy hurt.

When that was done, Dave insisted we go out to the nearby village for ice-cream. So I can officially say that my saturday night was spent eating green vanilla ice cream, on the porch of a place called "patate a go go" by a highway, while listening to 80's music. Priceless !

It was a bit cold that night, and Dave spent the night waking up and blowing his nose and waking me up in the process. So yesterday was a lazy afternoon playing monopoly on the veranda, and enjoying the view of the tranquil lake, and the beautiful tones of Green, Blue and Copper in the mirror-like reflection of the water.

We also had a beautiful siesta in the "pink room" (this is Dave's usual bedroom at the cottage, but being color-blind, he always considered it to be the "blue room" - ignorance is bliss!) After another family dinner, we made our way back to mtl, but not before we made a pit stop by the now infamous "patate a go go".

This morning, I got a phone call from JP telling me that we forgot about the last Fantasia movie, which was last night ! Crap ! Again, ignorance is bliss!

The Beaver


Red Handed Jill said...

what a nice break! it looks like a beautiful place.

Beaver said...

which it is, really ! Thanks for stopping by !