July 15, 2005

Waves of Funkiness

I've been blogging recently about festivals in Montreal, and how I really have a practical issue with going to those. I seem to be on the right path.

After an afternoon of patrolling the green heap in the middle of Montreal, I had set out to go out for drinks with an old friend, probably the nuttiest friend I had.

Oblivious to Montreal life, we were supposed to have so girl talk over a pitcher of Sangrila at the Saint-Sulpice, the haven of all UQAM students.

Little did I know that Just for laughs had started, and completely taken over the Quartier Latin. (That's how we call the area of downtown that surrounds UQAM university).

Event the lamp posts were transformed into buffoon hats, and the streets were invaded by street entertainers

Well anyway, I made it to Saint-Sulpice through the waves of funkiness that were surrounding me, and found my friend. Cynthia, be it impatience or boredom, had ordered a huge pitcher of sangria. I could have had one glass happily, but needless to say, we both shared the whole thing and were quite loopy by the end of the pitcher.

So we gave in to the surrounding funkiness and got some tatoos (don't worry mum, it's temporary !) How d'you like my climbing panther ?

We then proceeded to walk around and check out the acts. Here's a few for you guys :

Left, is an info stand. These guys are payed to hand out flyers and make joke at the innocent bystanders.

Right, is a moving statue. This girl was really graceful. The concept of the moving statue is that you can only move if the spectators put some change in the pot. I've seen some acts where there was barely anyone. They probably had cramps by the end of the day.

These guys here at the left were doing some funky theater in the street. I didn't have time to stick around and see but I though there was lot of effort in the costumes.

The four chicks on the right were doing a surreal act about the race to beauty, make-up, fashion, and plastic surgery.

These were my favorite act: Michel for the Netherlands and Zora from Denmark. Their physical prowess was very impressive. One of their acts actually involves Zora getting inside of a balloon ! That was really something.

Another cool attraction was a public karaoke : it involved a restricted selection of uncool (dare I say out?) songs and the brave (crazy) members of the public could go up there and sing (not recommended for sensitive ears).

Well, that's it for today !


The Beaver


Red Handed Jill said...

great pics - it looks like a lot of fun!

007 in Africa said...

Niiice tattoos! How bout getting a real one? Say, a baobab tree on your back? :)

Beaver said...

thanks RHJ ! it was indeed a lot of fun, like a hug amusement park taking over the city ...

007 : you know, I'm not too keen on permanent stuff... though the baobab is a great idea !