July 27, 2005

Hmmf ! Landlords and landladies !

My stove only has 2 functionning burners.

It's been this way for the last 9 MONTHS, six out of which I didn't really care because I was gone.

I've been bugging my landlady to change it since I've been back.

She wants to GIVE me a new stove.

The catch : I get all the trouble of moving it around, 3 flights of stairs up and down, and swapping it with the old one. NO WAY.

I told her to call again the owner of the building. If nothing happens, I'm going to war.

Nobody messes around with me !

The Beaver


cityangelz said...
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cityangelz said...

you go gal!! i'm supporting you all the way!! may you win this battle with your landlady.. haha..