July 27, 2005

Who knows ?

Well, as promised, I'm posting about this famous job interview...

I guess altogether it went well, because it lasted 45 minutes, and at the end of the whole thing, I asked about the next step in the recruiting process and was told that I already had had my second interview. Apparently, if he didn't like me, the senior partner would have ended the interview after a few minutes.

I think I'd really like to get this job. I really like the senior attorney who interviewed me, and I think he liked me too. Apparently it's a job where you need a lot of empathy. I'm all about empathy ! (Speaking of which, the Y's consultation service is resuming next week ! I can't wait to get back to consulting !)

So, who knows ? I'm supposed to get an answer in a few weeks. I'll keep y'all posted !

The Beaver