July 21, 2005


Sorry I haven't been updating a lot... I just spent a few days out of the heat-drenched Montreal, back into the beautiful fresh and green Laurentians.

My mother was on vacation for a few weeks and had decided to spend it all at the family house, in a cozy little village buried in the green Laurentian mountains. I had free time and so did my friend, so we packed our goodies to survey my ancestral home.

Needless to say, I was very happy to be back at the cottage, where I had had a tree-house, endless cow-boy indian sessions (that was before the time of politically correctness) and wonderful, lazy afternoons reading books and comics and listening to my mum's old records.

This time was a bit different : my bedroom is now a guestroom, my comics are in Mtl, the tree house has been dismantled and I admit I would feel kinda silly running around dressed like a member of the First Nations ready to pow-wow !

Nevertheless, it was nice to hang out in the green. We actually did have a lazy afternoon with the remaining comics, swam in the gorgeous local lake, and even went on a horse-back riding forest trail... It was my friend's first time, and she litterally cried in emotion while on the horse ! Of course, the beast felt it, and took advantage to go up to a small trot, which sent my friend in a panic ! Thank god, the guide stopped her, and all was well...

Well, now I'm back in the exceedingly hot Mtl... Sorry guys, no pics this time, my camera went dead !

The Beaver


Salt Water said...

It sounds almost perfect. Where was the ginger bread? Congrats.

Beaver said...

No ginger bread, Salt water, but plenty of sesame sticks and chocolate cake !