March 21, 2005

The joy of working from home

I've gotten kicked out. Not that I wasn't nice, they just needed the space. It's cool. I've gone from the painful daily 1 hour commute by hitchhike to going up a flight of stairs to work. I sleep more and get less dusty. I'm still office sharing though. My new officemate is pretty and delicate. She's usually quiet, and we have a lot more space. All together, it works out well. The greatest thing : I'm home before dark. That's cool and helps the good mood.

Nothing's perfect, though : I had gotten hooked on having 2 hours and a half to kill on lunchbreak, which generally involved having lunch with friends and taking long walks downtown on the petite corniche, or just hanging out quietly at the CCF, reading a book. Oh well... more dinners, I guess...

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Anonymous said...

So where do you live now?