March 08, 2005

S2H3 Run #8 – March 6, 2005

Start and Circle: Good Rade restaurant on the VDN

*true names have been removed to protect confidentiality*
Fungus-face Boogeyman
Green Goddess
Pissing Purple Princess
Too Much Dutch

Hares: Allez-les-Anglais, Just Marie and Just Firmin

Hashers met on a beautiful day in front of the Good Rade on the VDN. Because so many of our regular hashers were traveling, it was a small group -- but quality is always better than quantity, eh? After a dubious briefing involving raw eggs that, frankly, no one understood, we had our Father Abraham warm-up to the bemused stares of restaurant personnel, and headed off. This was only after Chino, however, felt it necessary to juggle his eggs. (We’re sure your mom told you not to do that in public, Chino.) The beer stop was under a shady tree about a half hour later. There was some confusion about what to do with these eggs we’d all been carrying around, so they were exchanged, dropped, cracked on people’s heads, thrown, tucked in unmentionable body parts and generally treated the way no rational human would ever treat a respectable egg. Finally, after one of the hares deigned to finish his mobile phone call, we trotted back. Those silly hashers still carrying eggs at the end of the run were, very properly, punished.

The Circle:

This week’s Beer Bitches: Alet and Chino


Elias (Dakar H3)
Betty (Syria)
Jackson (Dakar H3)


Front Running Bastard: Jill
Dead F*cking Last: Serigne
Latecummer: Elias
5th Anniversary: Jill and Chino
Returnee: Fungus-face Boogeyman
Technology Abuse: Allez-les-Anglais and Jackson
Animal Abuse: Pissing Purple Princess
Get-a-life down-down: Allez-les-Anglais, as always.
Plus: down-downs for the usual tedious inability to hold a down-down cup in the correct hand, private parties, snitching, and the continuing bafflement as to what “head gear” entails. Even the GM was a tad confused this week...

There were quite a few other down-downs, but the GM wrote them on the back of the hash stats which she subsequently gave to Heavy Breather, and, well, in the meantime she’s forgotten what they were. Oh, well.


Because she has a serious habit, is addicted to the stuff, brushes her teeth with it, has her mommy send it to her special every week, serves it to all her guests, and puts it on her ice cream, Just Jill was this day baptized in the name of the beer and of the hash: Velveeta.
Because he did indeed lose his eggs (and we wonder if he loses them regularly), juggled his eggs, and broke them even, and dared to crack his eggs on women, Just Chino was this day baptized in the name of the beer and of the hash: Huevos Perdidos.
Because she’s only hashed three times but still desperately wanted a name, because she was such an eager beaver that she hared twice out of those three times, and because it really wasn’t much of a leap, Just Marie was this day baptized in the name of the beer and of the hash: Beaver Hare.


We have no hares for the next run. For the run to take place, we need some. Please contact our Hareline, Clubfooted Cheerleader if you’re interested, which of course you are. You want to be baptized, don’t you??

On After:

The On-after was at the Good Rade restaurant where we started. Only eight hardy hashers of the original group stayed for dinner. Among them the newly baptized Huevos Perdidos who insisted in announcing loudly every five seconds to the assembled company that he was hungry. Also chowing down on steak and pizza in companiable and dark intimacy: Beaver Hare, Alet, Allez-les-Anglais, André, Pissing Purple Princess, Too Much Dutch, and Green Goddess. The meat eaters were enjoying their final burp and getting ready to pay before the pizza eaters saw their meals served, but otherwise it was a pleasant end to a good and eggy hash.

Run No. 9: March 20, 2005. Hares: You tell us! Watch this space for location and directions. Maybe a St. Paddy’s Day Hash?!?

Your friendly Mismanagement Committee:

Grand Mattress Green Goddess
Religious Advisor Circle Jerk
Hash Cash/Hash Stats Heavy Breather
Backup Hash Cash Today’s Special
Hareline Clubfooted Cheerleader
Brewmeister Pissing Purple Princess
Hash Flash Just Anna
Back-up Hash Flash Velveeta

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