September 23, 2005

Quick update

Well, today's the 23rd of September, and tomorrow night, I'll be taking a big step in my carreer, flying to Conakry (Republic of Guinea) to conduct my first audit.

So technically, today is my last full day in Montreal. The week and weekend were good, more balanced than the others when it comes to logistical activities. I did run a few errands, but nothing intense like last week.

I took time to see friends, and got to get a manucure, pedicure, and complete epilation. I'm not a huge esthetics services consumer. In fact, I'm pretty low maintenance : I wear no make up, use barely any beauty products, and nail polish is a foreign concept to me. But I felt I needed to do this, as part as a girl's day on the town, and to take time to take care of me.

I got to spend a last night with "the boys", my D&D crew, and because I have so much fun with them, and because I'm going to miss them a whole dang lot, I splurged on pizza, wings, fries, and other unnamable addictive products. It was good to have my last hang out with the crew. With them, it's special, because I'm one of the boys. I can be completely and totally myself, goofball and all.

Today, I'll spend the day with my mum. I might ask her to run a few errands with me, but mainly, we'll just be hanging out and having fun together. Tonight, I meet my Dave to spend my last evening with him.

Tomorrow, I'll spend the day with Dave and at 5PM, my DM, best friend, and surrogate brother (they're all one person) will pick us up and drive us to the airport. Then, it's good bye !

The Beaver

My guest map is wonderful ! And you'd all be wonderful to post, all of you lurk mode readers!
Thanks and may the winds of Fate blow your way !


Liquidplastic said...

There is nothing like pampering yourself, except, when you allow your man to enjoy the aftermath of it .. not that in itself is worth all the trouble. You enjoy yourself and have lots of fun ...I know you will work hard, because auditing anything is a hard job.

I thank you for coming to visit us, because we so missed your smiling face and wonderful encouragement. Yes, I am still working on the book ...

You are loved by this old one Beaver, and so is Dave! Peace and blessing to you and your love ones.

specialkwthberry said...

Best of luck! I can't wait to read your entries from africa :)
- Kate

Salt Water said...

Glad to see you took time for your "goofball friends". When you get older, comfortable and eternally busy you will remember people like that well. With all the good fortune that has befallen me one of the best things I remember is us guys (Murphy, Sanch, 2 Durants, Bartlets and me) leaving our morning coffee hangout and racing to school backwards in our cars as fast as they would go. This was unbelievably stupid and unbelievably fun. Hope to here from you "On the wings of fate".

Anjamon said...

Honey, I'm so sorry I didn't review your blog, but I have been busy with school. I hope you'll have good time! Write soon dear!!!

And Love,

cityangelz said...

haha. I'm not big on make-up and stuff either unless my friends force me to use them.

Hope you have a fun time at your new job and be enriched! There is so gonna be many wonderful new experiences! I can't waitto hear about them all.


mimimeister said...

hey beaver! firstly, thanks for commenting on my blog. second, it's awesome taht you treated yourself, sounds like you deserve it. thirdly (is that a word), do you know how to get images from a digital camera onto a blog? bec. i have no clue. good luck with your job!