September 06, 2005

Logistical update

I'm still running around like a madwoman. But it's worth it !

On Friday, I did not go to the Quebec Bar and fix some administrative issues. In fact, I tried to call all day to reschedule, unsuccessfully. Dave chose his classes on Internet. I also took care of my unpaid parking tickets. We spent the rest of the day making boxes and packing. I called my various suppliers to close my accounts and/or change my billing address.

Saturday was spent packing the kitchen. In the evening, we had Goodbye dinner # 2. It was a lot of fun as 16 people showed up. I will miss my Montreal friends.

Sunday was spent packing the living room.

Monday I took the day off and did nothing all day but watch Angel. I have Goodbye dinner # 3 that night, with 2 intimate friends.

Today, I tried to get my digicam fixed and failed. It will take 4 weeks. I won't have to call the Salvation Army to pick up whatever furniture Dave and I don't keep, as friends have shown interest and the landlady wants to keep whatever we leave behind. I stored away my computer at a friends' house. I won't need to recruit hands and arms to move my stuff, as my mum and her friend found a super-cheap moving company that will take care of everything for just 100$ over the price of a rental truck. I decided not to advertise my car as my mum agreed that I could leave it on her land at the country house. I also won't need do take ID pics, or to get explanatory letters from my employer for my visa requests. Apparently, those can be done locally. I won't either need to spend 3 days in Ottawa to get all my visas done.

Tomorrow, I will go buy a big weeled suitcase for my travel. I will also go to the French consulate with my emergency letter to get my passport released faster. I will also meet with a banker to open my US bank account.

On Thursday, I will hang out with my mum and pack my bags. We will also pack whatever clothes I don't take with me to store at the cottage or to give to the poor.

On Friday, I will bring the boxes stored in my locker up to my appartment for the big move. I will also pay a goodbye visit to my ex-boss, to the people at the Mountain and to the YWCA staff.

Saturday the 10th, the movers are taking all the furniture Dave isn't keeping to the country house for storage. That, and all the boxes I have packed. Dave and I will take the day to paint his appartment.

Sunday, I have off.

Monday, I will go shop for clothes with my mum. At this point, I need to have my luggage (20 kg's) ready.

The rest of the week, I take off, except that I'll have to drive my car to the cottage.

Saturday the 17th, I fly to Baltimore.
Saturday the 24th, I fly to Conakry.

Now, please tell me : GUYS, DID I FORGET ANYTHING ?

The Beaver

My guest map is wonderful ! And you'd all be wonderful to post, all of you lurk mode readers!
Thanks and may the winds of Fate blow your way !


cityangelz said...

I can't think of any!! Good luck for the move and your new working conditions!!


Xolo said...

Breathe...I think you forgot to breathe.

It seems like you are handling the whirlwind of activity well. I become an anxious mess when I am in those situations - even after years of experience.

I am happy you will be with CRS. It is a great organization. I used to know the person who is head of the mission in East Timor (or at least she used to be there - we fell out of touch).

Hang in there and yes, remember to breathe.

Liquidplastic said...

Whewwwww --- you are well organized Beaver! I miss you dearly, and wish the best on your new job.

Salt Water said...

I'm sure, being a woman, you assume people will love you because you are beautiful, brilliant, inspirational and all the classic femine vurtues. And of course in your case, we do. But it is even more true that I love your spirit and the way catching glimpses of your life leads to new discoveries in the big beautiful world. Thanks for helping me update my atlas. Fantastic!