September 17, 2005

Still alive, but barely breathing...

To my loyal readers, I thank you all for the sweet comments I received and words of encouragement. This post goes to say, that things rarely go as planned, and that adaptation is the key to survival !

After all, last friday, I was so dead, I did not pay a goodbye visit to my ex-boss, to the people at the Mountain and to the YWCA staff. Dave and I ended up doing the laundry at the Mousse Cafe, a nice and trendy coffee place that also has a laundromat. Good thing, too, because we took the whole row of washing machines for our stock. I did wash all my stuff to be packed.

Saturday the 10th, the movers came and took all the furniture Dave wasn't keeping to the country house for storage. That, and all the boxes I have packed. Then, Dave and I will took the day to paint his apartment. It was a catastrophe. We decided to paint everything white, because there was so little light and the colors chosen by the previous tenant were horrible. Baby blue in the bedroom, orange and burgundy in the living room, and dark marine blue in the tiny bathroom. Needless to say, it took us the whole day to clean the apartment and prep the place with primer.

Sunday, I did not have off. We spent the whole day putting coats and coats of white paint to try and cover the dreadful colors. I was barely any use as my wrist started playing freegames on me and I was barely able to paint. I ended up doing all the detail (which I hate) and alternating between my left and right hand.

Monday, I had nothing to do but relax. Dave packed his stuff extremely late but finally, at 3 AM on Tuesday, he was ready for his big move.

On Tuesday, the movers were supposed to show up at 11AM. Instead, they came at 3:30PM. With Dave gone to work, I stayed there and waited, with my friend Cynthia who had decided to pay a visit. By 5PM we were out of the old and into the new place. At that point, I was so dead I actually left the place a mess and went to the movies. As of this day, we had no Internet, hence my silence.

On Wednesday, I stayed home in a catatonic state until 5PM, then unpacked pretty much everything. Dave and I did more laundry at his folks' house and ended up sleeping there unwillingly (we passed out on the couch and woke up the next morning !)

On Thursday, Dave and I purchased a fridge, then I met up with my mum and an old friend. One of those friends whom I've know for 15 years. We've been drifting apart for the last 10 years to the point that she now calls me only when I leave or when I come home. Whatever, it was still nice to see her, though I resent her neglect.

On Friday, I had the worst customer care experience in the world. It started with the Internet provider's tech coming over to set up the cable connection. First, VIDEOTRON asked that someone be on standby at the house between 7AM and 7PM, which in itself in unacceptable. Then he set up the connection, but 15 minutes after he came, the connection was down. Anyways, the guy showed up at 3PM. At 3:30PM, I called customer service, and was told it would take 30 minutes and then the service would be restored. At 4:30, I called again, and got the same answer. At 5:30PM, I called again, and got the same answer. At 6:30 PM, I spoke to some guy who finally had the brilliant idea to transfer me to tech help. All in all, I had to call 4 times, wait 20 minutes on hold every time to speak to a rep, then wait another 30 min on hold while they were figuring out what fib they were gonna tell me. The last 6:30PM call lasted 2 hours and half, and ended up with the conclusion that another service visit with a 12 hour standby was required. All in all, the service was inefficient, disrespectful, and inadequate. On top of that, the delivery guys who brought Dave's fridge yelled at me because the street address wasn't completely visible and threatened to leave the fridge on the street when I asked them to stop yelling. Woman-hating freaks !

Today, Dave the Babe and I are just hanging out, basking in our last weekend together before I leave. I sincerely hope I get to rest a bit prior to my plane on next saturday.

The Beaver

My guest map is wonderful ! And you'd all be wonderful to post, all of you lurk mode readers!
Thanks and may the winds of Fate blow your way !


Liquidplastic said...

Oh my goodness --- it's been a bad few days for you. Here's hoping Dave made it all better in the end. ;-)

I totally dislike any service department, because they are all asses!

We here in Blogland "miss" YOU!

Qalamana said...

Hey girl!
Your customer care's experience reminds me of "everyday life" in Senegal...
Good luck this week and give my regards to Dave (does he remember me?)
Bonne journée!

cityangelz said...

Oooohhh. Hopefully you have a better next few days okiez?? Good luck with your move and just relax... Everything WILL turn out fine in the end. Especially with support of loved ones.


Steve in Wisconsin said...

So this was the reason for your silence?
Heck, all this time I thought you were in Conakry!

Lucy Stern said...

My you are a busy lady. I hate moving, I've got too much stuff. I think some of those companies forget what the word "Service" means. Too bad you had to go through that. Good luck.