September 01, 2005

Beaver ? NO. Headless chicken ? YES!!!!

This post is dedicated to all who need not move this year.
May you consider yourselves blessed.

I've been running around like a madwoman. More precisely, like a chicken without a head.

Aug 26th : Friday, I find out about the job.

Saturday night, I arrive in Montreal.

Sunday, I get liberated from my lease. We do some house visits all day, and Dave leaves a deposit on an appartment for himself.

Monday, I spend the day at my mum's getting down some lists and preparing some logistics. Dave finds out he did not get the appartment.

Tuesday, I find out I might leave later due to some HR issues. I spend the morning making phone calls and gathering departure info. I apply for my Medicare card. We spend the afternoon roaming Little Italy to find Dave an appartment. I'm dead. I get some work info that I print out. I need to read that stuff eventually.

Wednesday, I get confirmation that I will leave with the next 3 weeks. I spend a part of the day blogging. The sum of stuff I have to do seems like just too much. Dave finds out he is accepted for the appartment. I pick up some documentation at my mum's. A girl visits my appartment. I give 2 hours of pro bono counsel at the Y.

Thursday, Dave signs his lease. I make my application for a 2nd passport at the French Embassy. I make phone calls to various embassies for my visas. I spend time emailing my manager about various logistical issues. I find out that I will leave Montreal on the 17th. I get confirmation on housing in Ottawa (see later in post why). I attend Goodbye dinner #1.

Tomorrow, September 2nd, I will got to the Quebec Bar and fix some administrative issues. Dave will go to university to choose his classes. We will spend the rest of the day making boxes and packing.

Saturday the 3rd will be spent packing. In the evening, we have Goodbye dinner # 2. Sunday will be spent packing as well.

Monday is Labor day. We'll take the day off. I have Goodbye dinner # 3 that night.

The following 4 days will be spend packing and fixing logistic issues. I yet have to :

  • change my address everywhere ;
  • open a US bank account ;
  • get my digicam fixed ;
  • call the Salvation Army to pick up whatever furniture Dave and I don't keep ;
  • shop for clothes ;
  • store away my computer ;
  • close my bills ;
  • take care of my unpaid parking tickets ;
  • recruit hands and arms to move my stuff ;
  • meet with the gentleman who will supply me with a moving truck ;
  • advertise my car ;
  • get all the paperwork pertaining to selling my car ;
  • take ID pics for my visa requests.

If I have more time I will :

  • help paint and clean Dave's appartment ;
  • pay a goodbye visit to my ex-boss ;
  • pay a goodbye visit to the Mountain ;
  • pay a goodbye visit to the YWCA.

Saturday the 10th, I move all the furniture Dave isn't keeping to the country house for storage. That, and all the boxes I will have packed.

Somewhere around Monday the 12th , I will get explanatory letters from my employer for my visa requests. Somewhere between then and Friday the 16th, I will spend 3 days in Ottawa to get all my visas done. If necessary, I'll go back and forth twice. A this point, I need to have my luggage (20 kg's) ready.

I hope I can do this on Monday-Wednesday and that this way I'll have at least 2 last days with Dave, my mum, and my friends.

Saturday the 17th, I fly to Baltimore.

Saturday the 24th, I fly to Conakry.

Now, please tell me : GUYS, DID I FORGET ANYTHING ?


The Beaver

My guest map is wonderful ! And you'd all be wonderful to post, all of you lurk mode readers!
Thanks and may the winds of Fate blow your way !


Liquidplastic said...

I know how you feel, I just moved but only to a new place 10 miles from the old. But the packing was hell!

I know you are excited and got your hands full ... but don't forget to breathe. Take a nice soak and listen to some music for a minute, and let Dave rub your back ... what! No time ... 20 to 30 minutes at the most. Everything going to be all right ... you can do it!

cityangelz said...

Hey.. Yup.. Moving can be horrible.. I just moved at the beginning of this year too.. hmmm. but it is rather great that you kinda have everything listed out here. May you have a smooth prep and trip okiez??


by the way. i've already made a few changes to my blog template so u shouldn't haev anymore problem with scrolling =D

Cricketina said...

I have to agree with LP, just breathe ;) Don't forget to take care of yourself amidst all the drama of all of this. But enjoy the butterflies of preparation!!

G said...

Crazycrazycrazy ...

... have to move in December, myself ... ugh.

Best in your travels - can't wait to hear all about it!

Giselle said...

Just reading all this makes my head spin! Good luck with the move, and with your new job. In spite of all the craziness, it sounds quite exciting.

Best Regards,
(sister of Kate aka Red Handed Jill)

Anjamon said...

Oh, It must be pretty chaotic dear! I can't think how would it be HERE if we would move! lol!

I love those pictures thought! Soooo funny!!!!

Blessed Be,

Qalamana said...

Hi Marie!
I'll be leaving in 3 weeks so I do perfectly understand how are you feeling...
Fortunatelly, I'm having some visits that will help me to take all my beloings back to Madrid: it's amazing how many things you can gather in a year!!!