August 03, 2005

About freedom of speech and opinion

Mostly by choice, I've made sure in the past to keep my blog politics-free in past, to the exceptions of a random post in december 2004 about the last american election (sorry, it's in french) and a post about the Quebec National Holiday.

The reason for this is that I never took the time to document, elaborate and write down my political views. For some reason, I prefer a live debate. I do want to say this, and y'all welcome to debate on it : I beleive in working inside the system. I've applied to the Canadian Armed Forces, with the ultimate goal being to enter the Canadian Foreign Service. (Remember, this is Canada : we allow weed for therapeutic purposes, gay marriage is a reality, and we only engage our troops in peace-building/keeping missions !)

My struggle to become a successful public servant is truely about promoting responsible behaviour, peace, sustainable development and cultural diversity. I know, Daffy Duck (GWB), Elmer Fudd (PM Martin) and their comtemporaries all carry these flags at the moment of the elections. Which is precisely why I don't want to get involved in executive politics - a Tweety bird character like me would probably not be beleivable...

Nevertheless, I've been amazed at the amount of people who take the time to voice their opinions publicly, and I've taken the time to read their blogs and comment on them. I think the blogs I choose to link to on this page reflect to a certain degree my opinions, and I feel that I should not disclaim that. My heart goes out to all of those who take the time to document, write and publish defendable points of views. I guess I feel respect for those who take the time to be good defenders for their own points of views.

At the same time, I've never been happier to be on the northern side of the border.


The Beaver


Salt Water said...

The world situation is very worrisome to me. I heard yesterday that Syria is up to 60% unemployed with only 5 years of oil left. Whether true or not, the world is in denial. I say politic if you can, but learn to grow hard to steal roots (potatoes, turnips, carrots...) Canada looks better and better every day. Maybe Hillery will save us if we make it to 2008. Thanks for all you do.

007 in Africa said...

Thanks Beaver for that lovely post. It's really nice to know how connected and devoted you remain to the developing nations and keeping others abreast of what's going on there. On On!

Liquidplastic said...

I don’t find anything wrong with working within the system … how else can change come about peacefully. I envy you living on the Northern side of the border … if I ever win the lottery I will join you!

There are lots of political and religion Blogs and most of them bore me with their extreme right and left positions. So I just read the ones, like you, that mirror my opinions about a particular issue. However, I believe that everyone is entitled to their beliefs and opinions … as long as they don’t try to force them down my throat. If I can relate to a particular issue, no one has to force feed me.

What amazes me about Blogs is that so many young folks are talking … from around the world, and they are making sense. They are so wise in their thinking. Because of this, and a little more of that, I have hopes for the future of my shared reality. But just in case, having so many grandsons, with GWB in office I need to prepare a way for them to cross the border. With the way things are going, they might reinstate the draft.

I enjoyed the read Beaver. You are indeed insightful. Of course Canada, as a whole, seems to be so much more advance then where I live.

Beaver said...

Thanks guys for popping in :)

SW : The middle East is indeed worrysome. They should get ready and start learning about alternate technologies. Might save their economies when the oil runs out.

007 : I try, but I must admit that being in the comfort of my canadian home makes me forgetful at times. I need to get out again!

LP : I know what you mean. I'm joining the army because IT'S THE CANADIAN ARMY. I'd probably be the first one to run and hide I was subject to His Majestic Doofusity GWB and there was even the slim chance of a draft. His cause is not one worth dying for. I prefer to choose my battles.