August 17, 2005

Tangible actions in my job hunt

Today, I :
  1. called the Armed Forces recruiting office about joining the Reserve. Maybe they can take me in the meantime. Left a message. Got a call back, and apparently,the process is the same for the Reserve. Bottomline is, there's nothing else I can do.
  2. called Maisonneuve CEGEP about giving some college level technical classes and/or participating in their international programs. She just came back from vacation and wants me to call back next week. Emailed her my resume.
  3. called the attorney at Simon Personnel about that application she did for me 2 weeks ago and never called me back about. She's on vacation. I'll have to call again.
  4. checked on but found nothing I could apply on.
  5. checked on Shore and Associates' website and sent them my resume.
  6. met with my mum and K., a colleague of hers which I assisted with event organization pro bono a few months ago. My mum and I came up with a list. K. said she might be able to help me get a short term contract with CECI.
  7. called two friends who work at different levels at CSST. One couldn't help me directly but did provide some interesting advice. The other one is on vacation til the 22nd.
  8. Called Oxfam Quebec, my contact was on vacation for the next 2 weeks, but his assistant was willing to schedule a meeting upon his return.
  9. Called the Pearson Center for Peace-Keeping, my contact is on vacation til monday.
  10. Tried to call my ex-boss twice at BP, but to no avail. Sent him an email instead, begging for help.
  11. Called my attorney-friend who is quitting his job and got him to refer my resume.
When all this was done, I got a phone call from that American Organization that I was trying to get in since April. Apparently, they really like my resume and want to hire me. They just don't have anything for me YET, aside from an International Audit job that would involve 6-week long international travel 6 times a year (BRING IT ON ! I'm the TRAVEL Beaver !) I should expect a phone interview within the upcoming weeks.

I'm so excited, I can't hold myself !


The Beaver


Liquidplastic said...

Ha! I told you so ... congratulations! Nice to find something interesting while you are waiting for your dream to come true ... and it will!

Xolo said...

Good luck!

I hate job hunting. It seems like you have good prospects, though. Good for you! :)

Salt Water said...

Sounds Great! We must hit the water if you ever make it to Northern Cal. Before you go though, please fill me in on this "On on !". I know the Robert Service poem "Carry On". It is probably close to my favorite poem. Is this close to what it means? I have not been able to make my links work, but thanks for your help. Good luck Super Star!!!

Beaver said...

Thanks for your encouragement :)

Salt Water :
ON ON ! Is the cry of encouragement of the Hare to the Hounds during the Hash.

The Hash House Harriers are a running club with chapters eveywhere, and as I was a regular "default" hare in Dakar, (a.k.a. leader and trailsetter) I got nicknamed (baptized) the Beaver Hare.

I use it as a "carry on" type of thing, or as a way to encourage readers to move on whatever's next in their day.

I'm NOT going to stop blogging because of any international assignment I may have though :)


Red Handed Jill said...

wow, a traveling job would be so cool! i hope you get it!!!

cityangelz said...

good luck with your job search!! Its a hard market out there!!

the flyin fox said...

yeh..a travelling beaver! catchy title!!
hope you get it..and dont stop blogging lol!!

007 in Africa said...

Wow, am trully impressed by the amount of job searching you did (and it's always good to record all your efforts to remember who you bugged and who you didn't). THAT American Organization? Wait, is it MY American Organization??? I sure hope so! Please get them to send you to Congo, I miss you! Just don't audit my project please :)

Anonymous said...

any advice for others of us looking for jobs that require international travel?

Have teaching and business experience and have travelled extensively throughout the world already but am not an attorney.