August 19, 2005

When the ball rolls, IT ROLLS !


Today : 12PM :
Good God, I'm freaking out ! I frantically looked for, and found (*relief*) my passport. My mum will loan me the money for the ticket, and I have a travel agent looking for my plane ticket. If only I could get price approval, I'd be handy dandy !

Today : 4PM :
After all, my potential employer decided to take care of flight and accomodations. I got my e-ticket and an email from my would-be boss predicting that i'd will be out of North America by the end of September.

AaaaaaAAAAaaaaHHAAAAAAA !!!!!!

This is moving so fast, I can't breathe (litterally) *hyperventilates* !

And I thought my life was boring !

The Beaver

P.S. Thanks, Steve in Wisconsin, for posting on my guestmap !

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