August 26, 2005

I woke up but still snoozed twice.

This post is dedicated to Dave and my mum, who constantly show me the meaning of true love by waking me up, even at ungodly hours.

We set the alarm at 3:30AM.

As it rang, Dave sprung on his feet and went to the kitchen. I struggled with my own confusion. Was there a fire ? Was I dreaming ? Somewhere in there, I think i snoozed.

At 3:37, Dave came back to bed.

At 3:38, the alarm went off again. I think I vaguely remember snoozing.

At 3:45, Dave sets to get out of bed (I’m still eyes wide shut, and pretending this isn’t happening.)

At 3:46, I understand he wants to bring me coffee, I protest, and get out of bed.

At 3:55, my hair is done and I’m having coffee and writing this.

At 4:04, I’m done with my coffee and getting dressed.

At 4:06, I’m dressed and trying to call my mum to reassure her so she won’t wake Dave up a second time.

At 4:09, she calls.

At 4:12, I’m having breakfast (and writing this post).

At 4:24, I’m done and putting my shoes on.

At 4:30, I’m on my way to the airport.


cityangelz said...

Have a great trip!! Hopefully everyything goes well for you :D

Xolo said...

The routine sounds very familiar...

I play the Dave role, except no one calls us, so it is up to me to get Sara on her feet and moving.

Bon voyage et bonne chance!

the flyin fox said...

have a great trip beaver!!!:)

Anjamon said...

I hope you'll have good trip honey!!! Buy!!!

Blessed be,

Liquidplastic said...

Yo Beaver! It took me a while but I read and read and read! This is a blog day .. the book is kicking my butt, but I am making a lot of progress. You have a good trip ... I know everything will work out just find!

007 in Africa said...

Shit! I'm gone for a week and see what happens! I am soooo crossing my fingers for you. Won't be able to read you as am going on trip for another week but I'll get the sisters there to say a little prayer for you. That nice blue blouse can't hurt either :)