August 19, 2005

Quick update on my job search

Freaking out like a mad-woman !

After 5 phone interviews, (the last 2 occured yesterday) I'm finally asked to fly down to Baltimore for a in-person interview for that Field Auditor position.

This smells really good. I'm so optimistic ! Apparently, the fact that I have a legal background more than an accounting background is more an asset than a pit fall !

I can't beleive this is happening ! (Yes, 007, it is YOUR organization !)

Of course, it doesn't forebode well for my love or personnal life, as I'll be away from home 6 months at a time. Dave seems to be willing to accomodate me as long as it doesn't last more than 2 years. I hope I don't lose him over this.

Don't worry, guys, if I do get this job, I'll keep blogging. If anything, I'll have more to blog about than I have in the last couple months, with travelling around and all...

*keeps fingers crossed*


The Beaver


Nina said...

Looking at blogs and came across yours. My sister lives in Baltimore and loves it. Good luck!

Cricketina said...

That should put the tingly in your stomach that something new/wonderful is about to start!! Best of luck and prayers to you!!