August 19, 2005

A few fun tests to try

After all this heavy job-hunting business, I thought I'd stir up a bit of fun for you guys :)

I tried the tests and posted the results :) If you're bored, try them and comment me the results !

what freaked version of hello kittie are you?

(Suggested by Adam)

How much of an evil genius are you ?
(From a link found on A Voice in the Wilderness)

I am 59% Evil Genius.
Deceitful & Crazy!
Evil courses through my blood. Lies and deceit motivate my evil deeds. Crushing the weaklings and idiots that do nothing but interfere in my doings.

Which Character in Harry Potter are you ?
For 40 % I am Luna Lovegood! Honest, sensitive, and loyal, it's tough being the only person in the wizarding community who knows Rufus Scrimgeour is a vampire!

what annomous object are you? (18 yrs+)
brought to you by Quizilla

you're a remote control!

What type of beauty do you possess? (20 questions + 7 results + pretty pics)
brought to you by Quizilla
DEFIANT BEAUTY - You are unique, original, and an
individual. You are also courageous and
ambitious. You are not afraid to take risks if
it means you will gain something. You thrive on
success and praise. You are a non-comformist
and prefer to do things your own way. You also
like to work by yourself rather than with a
group. Your ultimate goal is to reach true
success in whatever your chosen field is.


The Beaver

P.S. Thanks, Neil in Scotland, for posting on my guestmap !


Salt Water said...

Wow! I have not been feeling very manly lately, but I was just told I make a "Miserable evil genius" at 27%. What a dud. Oh well, thanks for the heads-up on the template problem. I damaged it with the pictures. I removed them and will try a re-post. I think the template will never allow links. Can I change the template without loosing the blog info? Thanks for your past and possible future help. Congratulations Oh Most Amazing on the job venture. Please keep us posted. You are the number one site to be checked each day (usually several times each day). Thanks for everything. PS. What about Dave? Is the poor boy like all runners in the race that are meant to be passed by? Or is his luck up and running? We wish you all the happiness possible and him too what ever that means.

Red Handed Jill said...

hey beaver, well i just took the harry potter test. i am colin creavey, lol!!!

the flyin fox said...

luna lovegood was the aftermath of my test!

Beaver said...

Salt water :

With regards to your template, you only need to make your pics smaller, say, 75% of their actual size and you'll be ok.

huh ? What do you mean it will never allow links ? you need to actually CODE the links into the template using HTML. That's the code I gave you. I can actually see on your blog that you have links premade, so you would only need to change them as I put in my post... I'll write up more precise instructions and let you know. I hope that will help !

Thanks for the congrats. And yes, Dave's luck is up and running. I've known him for 12 years and dated him for 3. We agreed together that this was the right thing to do. Eventually, over the next 3 years, I'll get a more stable position and he'll be able to come and join me. He's an aspiring language/litterature teacher, so he has barely any country constraints (like, war would be bad, but otherwise, it's ok...)

Kate and Lewis : I'm glad you guys enjoyed the harry potter test. I put that one up thinking of you guys... :)

Salt Water said...

Thanks Beav, but I forgot to tell you that my head is made up mostly of bone. I have treid that link adjustment many times but have not been successful yet. As for sizing, I have gone back after your advise and figured out how to arrow down the width, but I have not found any percentage change option. I would like to keep this template, so I am still trying. Thank You Oh Great One. Way to go Dave!

G said...

I'm the sort-of-fucked Hello Kitty, AKA Punk Kitty. Cool.

75% Evil Genius
You are pure evil. You lie awake at night devising schemes of world domination, and you will not rest until all living souls bend to your will.

I happen to be Luna Lovegood. Honest, sensitive, and loyal, it's tough being the only person in the wizarding community who knows Rufus Scrimgeour is a vampire!
That's a bit odd coming after 75% Evil Genius, don't you think?

The object I am is scissors. Something about being depressed and misunderstood. Not so sure about the mood bit, but the other part has some truth to it.

Also I am a defiant beauty, as I see you are also. That one fits well.

Thanks, those were fun!